Exercise 07: Project Discussion. Quantifier Elimination


Sample projects from 2008:

  • Ersoy Bayramoglu: Verification of Equals Methods in Java Programs
  • Pierre-Evariste Dagand: Model Checking Opis
  • Sebastian Gfeller: Combining Jahob and STP to Generate Test Cases
  • Thomas Hofer: Solving Satisfiable Constraints over Finite Domains
  • Thibaud Hottelier: Counterexample Analysis in Valigator
  • David Joaquim: SAT Solver
  • Giuliano Losa: Simple constant propagation for the simple programming language
  • Stephane Rabie: Term Algebra Quantifier Elimination
  • Damien Zufferey: Static Analysis on a Functional Subset of Scala

Quantifier Elimination Basics