Lab for Automated Reasoning and Analysis LARA

Seminar on Automated Reasoning

Schedule: Fridays from 10:15am in INF 213, see official page

First course: Friday, September 24, at 10:15.

Credits: 4

Teaching Staff:

Related course: Synthesis, Analysis, and Verification


  • Background: decision problems, constraint solving, synthesis, overview of applications
  • Algorithms for constraints on numerical domains, sets, multisets, algebraic data types
  • Local theory extensions
  • Combination problem for decision procedures
  • Superposition-based reasoning for first-order logic with equality


  • Understand theoretical foundations and recent results behind in automated reasoning tools such as theorem provers, decision procedures, constraints solvers, and synthesis procedures.


  • The course will include lectures, exercises, and presentations by students.



Student Presentation:

  • 10/12/2010 - Etienne and Robin
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