Viktor Kunčak

Viktor Kuncak
Viktor Kunčak
PhD MIT, 2007
(short bio)
Associate Prof., EPFL
Research Group: LARA

Graduated PhD Students
Ruzica Piskac
Philippe Suter
Hossein Hojjat
Giuliano Losa
Eva Darulova
Tihomir Gvero

Implicit Programming

secretariat: +41 21 693 4943
direct phone: +41 21 693 5281
(please email first)
fax: +41 21 69 36660
mailing address:
Viktor Kuncak,
Station 14,
CH-1015 Lausanne,
(General Directions)
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Viktor Kunčak leads the research group LARA (Lab for Automated Reasoning and Analysis) which conducts research in the area of Programming Languages and Formal Methods at the IC School of EPFL.

With his group and collaborators, he develops algorithms and software tools for constructing reliable systems. He works in the broad area of programming languages and formal methods. His recent topics of work include software synthesis and software verification. Some of his interests are embodied in the proposal for implicit programming.

Here is his inaugural lecture (video, photos).

You can read this press coverage of one example research result is in this ZDNet article.

PUBLICATION LIST (also with abstracts, or partial lists from scholar, DBLP, academic search (check also EPFL CS), or ACM)

Program Committees: CAV 2017 (co-chair with Rupak Majumdar), SYNT 2015 (co-chair) FMCAD 2014 (co-chair and local org. chair; see fmcad proceedings, general web site), VMCAI 2012 (co-chair)

CURRICULUM VITAE is available, as well as a short bio in plain text format.