OLD PAGE: COST Action Proposal: Rich-Model Toolkit: An Infrastructure for Reliable Computer Systems

This page is meant for internal communication of researchers interested in the above COST action. We keep it public to make the communication easier. Please keep the information here to the potentially interested researhers until the proposal is submitted, at which point we can make it public in the form of a vision report.

DOC File for Final MoU Preparation

Possible industrial contacts:

  • IBM Zurich (Jana Kohler's group accepted)
  • IBM Haifa (Cindy Eisner's group accepted)
  • Aerielogic (Samuel Dellacherie's group accepted)
  • EADS (Charles Hymans group accepted)
  • Microsoft Research Cambridge (Josh Berdine accepted)

Impossible industry contacts:

  • AbsInt (declined)
  • Onespin in Munich (declined)

OLD: Proposal Writing

Suggested Experts

In some cases we list two members from the same research group, with the understanding that one member can be reimbursed to attend the meeting.

Key Organizational Facts

How much money?

  • example: 85K euro/year for the entire group

How long?

  • 4 years

What the money can be used for:

  • reimbursement to travel to COST technical meetings (which are like semi-private workshops: others can be invited, but only Action members get reimbursed)
  • short-term scientific exchanges of students

Ph.D. programme Puma

Tobias Nipkow

Ian Horrocks – EPSRC funded projects on DL reasoning and infrastructure:

Stefan Ratschan

Existing Actions

IC 701

Viktor Kuncak is a member of COST Action IC0701

Standard Formats and Competitions

Information on Previous Stages