Dear Prof. Viktor Kuncak,

Your proposal oc-2008-2-2705 Rich-Model Toolkit: An Infrastructure for Reliable Computer Systems has been assessed by the Domain Committee on Information and Communication Technologies.

We are pleased to inform you that your proposal has been selected for submission of a Full Proposal (The results of the assessment are available via your login).

You are therefore invited to submit the Full Proposal before the 16 Jan 2009 17:00, Brussels time.

On Monday 17 November, you will be able to access the Full Proposal on-line submission form with your current login. Please read carefully the guidelines for assessment which you can download from our website ( and the preliminary editorial instructions below.

Please confirm by e-mail to before the 28 November 2008 that you received this mail and that you will submit a full proposal. This is necessary to ensure that your spam filter did not interfere with this message.

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NB: Preliminary editorial instructions for Full Proposal:

  • Present the text in a logical way, avoiding unnecessary repetition between the different sections
  • Language and spell check (Make sure that the text is of high linguistic quality. COST does not provide translation or correction services).
  • Use of capital letters for COST-specific and Action-related expressions; non-exhaustive list: Action, Action Chair, Management Committee, Working Group, STSM (Short-Term Scientific Mission), Steering Group, etc.
  • Explain all acronyms (including those commonly used in the Framework Programme context)
  • Use of “Europe” or “COST countries” when referring to the overall geographical scope of COST. “European Union” or “EU Member States” should only be used to refer to the EU as a player (“EU legislation”, “EU programmes”, “EU policies” etc) or when only EU Member State(s) need to be explicitly mentioned, excluding COST countries not members of EU
  • Use of “framework” or “scheme” when referring to COST (COST is an intergovernmental framework, not an “EU instrument”, although it is funded by the Framework Programme)
  • No mentioning of individual scientists, institutes or organisations
  • Avoid pronouns such as “I”, “we”; rather use “the Action”
  • Avoid expressions such as “planned” or “proposed” when referring to the Action; rather use “this COST Action” “aims at”, “will”, etc.
  • Proper quoting of standard texts (Part A: main objectives; part E: commitment to gender balance and involvement of early-stage researchers; part G: economic dimension)
  • Proper calculation of the economic dimension in part G
  • Clarity and comprehensibility (also for non-specialist readers)
  • Address all indicated items, keeping the indicated structure A, B, C, …