Schedule of the visit of Professor Leszek Pacholski

Short Biography

Leszek Pacholski is the chair of the CS Department of the Wroclaw University. During the term 2005-2008 he served as the president of the entire Wroclaw University. Since 2004 he was involved in attempts to reform Polish Universities; there is a good chance that the most recent attempt will be successful. He is also involved in supporting the growth of the IT businesses in Wroclaw and in bringing large international IT companies to Wroclaw.

In his research life, Leszek Pacholski worked on computer science logic, including finite model theory, unification, and constraints. He is a recipient of prizes including the Banach Prize, Prize of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Jurzykowski Prize, and Cavalier's Cross of the Order of the Restoration of Poland. He served on the editorial boards of Fundamenta Mathematicae, Annals of Pure an Applied Logic, Colloquium Mathematicum, Annals of Pure an Applied Logic, and the ACM Transactions on Computational Logic.

Tuesday, April 20th

  • 17:00 possible meeting with Martin Odersky
  • 18:00-18:30 Meeting and dinner with Willy Zwaenepoel (dinner time: 19:00 in L'Academia)

Wednesday, April 21st

  • 16:00 Talk Refreshments in BC 329
  • 16:15 Talk in INM10: Wroclaw - a new IT hub in Central Europe

I will describe a very rapid economic development of Wroclaw - a city in south-west Poland. I will particularly focus on the remarkable development of IT companies. I will mention a large demand for computer science expertise - and criticize the inefficiency of the higher education system in the area of sciences.