Tips for Effective Web Editing

Editing Text using a Decent Editor

With this, you will be able to press a few keys and bring up your favorite editor containing the wiki page to edit, then save it back, often without even using your mouse.

The description is for Linux Debian Firefox, but it should also work on some other platforms.


  1. when any editing textbox occurs in a web page, right-click on it and configure it to have a hotkey, (such as Alt-Shift-T for “T”ext editor)
  2. observe that in Dokuwiki you can invoke
    1. edit button of a page by Alt-Shift-E
    2. preview button of a page by Alt-Shift-P
    3. save button of a page by Alt-Shift-S (that was a surprise, wasn't it?)
  3. save your passwords for wiki login so no need to retype them

To edit a page, press Alt-Shift-E, Alt-T, edit what you wish, save it in your editor, then press Alt-Shift-S.


AltGr is called like this because it makes people that use only US symbols mad (thus “gr”) by forcing them to only use their left alt.

As explained in this thread, you can fix this in some Debian versions by selecting

System > Preferences > Keyboard > Layout > Layout Options > 
Alt/Win Key Behavior > Alt and Meta are on the Alt Keys


Key binding hacks (annoying due to many levels of indirection):

    • use keyword in bookmarks to get to right wiki page: add a bookmark to wiki and use %s to pass keyword, see above