Software Verification Tools Overview

by Clément Beffa, Vincent Pazeller, and Olivier Gobet


Abstract : Bugs are becoming a bigger concern nowadays as we are seeing their huge cost. Academics are building numerous tools to get rid of them with more or less success. In this paper, we make an overview of bug finding tools and focus deeper on those targeting Java code. We explain the purpose of each of them and test automatic tools on a specially built Java test case in order to see their accuracy. Finally, we develop our vision of a theoretical meta-tool which would be able to combine the best of them.

The paper A Comparison of Bug Finding Tools for Java is related to our project and was explained with those slides during class.

Another tool list (from here)

  • SLAM
  • Java PathFinder
  • Bandera
  • Blast
  • SPIN
  • ESP
  • TVLA
  • Cyclone
  • CQual
  • ESC/Java
  • MC
  • Saturn
  • CUTE
  • PALE