Lecture 25: Presentation of relevant papers

Format of this class

For each project group:

  • pick one paper, as relevant to your project as possible
  • jointly present the paper in the class (if possible every group member should talk)
  • also give a status report on where your project is and what remains to be done
  • use 20 minutes for presentation overall, leave 10 minutes for questions and break

Please send to the instructor one day before this class:

  • name of your project
  • project participants (your names)
  • the title and authors of the paper that you are presenting

1. A Comparison of Bug Finding Tools for Java

Clément Beffa, Vincent Pazeller, and Olivier Gobet

Paper and Slides

2. Abstract interpretation

Yuanjian Wang Zufferey and Simon Blanchoud

3. New Techniques that Improve MACE-style Model Finding

Leander Eyer and Cédric Jeanneret

4. No Ifs, Ands, or Buts: Uncovering the Simplicity of Conditionals

Philippe Suter and Mirco Dotta

5. Pointer Assertion Logic Engine, Field Constraint Analysis

6. Logic and p-recognizable sets of integers

Ghid Maatouk and Vaibhav Rajan


Logic and p-recognizable sets of integers

7. Static Analysis of Atomicity for Programs with Non-Blocking Synchronization

Vasu Singh

8. Extended Static Checking for Java

Robin Mange and Jonathan Kuhn

Paper: ESC/Java paper

Slides: ESC/Java Presentation

9. The Alloy Analyzer

Lucian Variu

Paper: the book 'Software Abstractions' by Daniel Jackson

Slides: alloy-sav.ppt

10. ARMC: The Logical Choice for Software Model Checking with Abstraction Refinement

Ashutosh Kumar Gupta