This section will describe the multiple configuration options that allows a fine tuned analysis:

General configuration settings

--format <mode>

Specifies the format in which errors will be displayed. There is currently five modes:

  • none: no colors
  • termbg: errors will be displayed with background ANSI colors
  • term: errors will be displayed with its location highlighted with ANSI colors
  • html: errors will be displayed with its location highlighted with HTML code
  • quickfix: errors displayed in a format that can be easily understood by vim's quickfix feature


Disables includes resolution for security purposes. Can be used with untrusted code, for instance a phantm web API.


Only display the number of notices/errors, without the details.


Display the version of your phantm installation.

Analyzing your project

--shy, --quiet, --verbose, --vverbose

Adjusts verbosity levels, and thus masks or displays different types or errors

--includepath <paths>

Sets up the include paths that phantm will use to resolve include calls. You can specify multiple paths by separating them with “:”.


Includes the files, but only display errors of the main files, this allows you to analyze multiple entry points without being flooded by repetitive errors inside dependencies.

--only <symbols>

Focus data-flow analysis on a set of symbols, for instance, --only foo:bar::gee will only do data-flow analysis on the function foo and the method bar::gee(). Use “main” to represent the main scope.

Runtime instrumentation

For more details, see the section on Runtime instrumentation

--importdump <paths>

Import runtime data

--importincludes <paths>

Import runtime data about includes

Internal / Debugging options


Dumps various symbol tables


Tells phantm to report all files it successfully included


Do not load the main API of various builtin PHP classes, functions or constants.


Enables internal consistency checks


Display the fixpoint information after data-flow analysis.


Umbrella option that translates to –fixpoint –progress –tests –vverbose


Only do lexing+parsing on input files