Setup Instructions for Assingment 6

For this assignment, you are supposed to work on a different branch of the same git repository you were using for the previous assignment. We suggest that you copy your local repository directory you to a new directory (e.g. parcon-groupXX-assign6), and use the following commands to initialize the new directory.

You can use the old directory to work on the previous assignment, and the new directory to work on the current assignment. (This way there can be no sharing of code between the assignments, which will prevent any unexpected compilation errors.)

In your new directory, run the following commands:

git checkout --orphan lockfree
git rm -rf .

(Note the dot at the end of the second command.) You may now download the handout, and copy the handout files (of this assingment) into the new directory. As before, make sure that you do not create any sub-folders during the extraction. For instance, if your repo is /home/user/myrepo and the handout has files: src, and build.sbt, extract it so that /home/user/myrepo/src is the location of src, and /home/user/myrepo/build.sbt is the location of build.sbt.

Once this is done, type the two following commands in the repository folder:

git add src
git commit -m "Initial Commit."

As before, you can commit your changes using: git commit -a -m "Informative message about what was done. You can change this!". To send your code for grading, you need to use a slight variant of push command given below:

git push origin lockfree

Running Online Tests

  • Go to the grading interface:
  • Go to the Tests tab of the interface and choose Assignment 6 from the drop-down list titled Testing.
  • You will see your commit, and can run tests on them.