Tata and TCS

Tata - India's oldest indstrial group, while still under British group.

Tata - family, 1500 years ago came from Iran to India (Parsi community)

Originally: cotton, textile, steele, took over Cores, top 5 producers.

1920 motor company - world's cheapest car Nano, also taking over Jaguar, Landrover



Hospitality, hotel. Tetley brand of Tea.


TCS - Software Services Part. 40 years old.

112000 employees.

In South America 5000 employees

3000 Hungray, Switzerland, … - Europe (more than US)

More than 100K Indian, over 20K international, 80K in India.

Puna biggest research center. Centers in Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta

Business in 8 types of business, all broadly in software & services.

3 advantages:

  • high focus on quality
  • large scale: numbers global reach - many countries
  • effective cost: not the lowest cost (Vitnam, Ukraine, east Europe, Africa), but balance it with quality and scale

1 Application Development and Maintenance

Write software and support its evolution. Services

2 Engineering Design

Automobile manufactures, phone companies. Started in 90ies. E.g. GE does aircraft engines, TCS does design.

3 Licenced Software Products

A banking platform for Swiss and global market (w/ Technosoft)

for banks, financial institutions, insurance companies

4 IT Infrastructure Management

Running data centers and networks.

Not in the business of call center outsourcing.

But: credit processing, risk assesment, customer data analytics

A team of 2 people supports the SBB ticketing sales office.

11th world's software company, growing 20% a year.

Research in TCS

Reasonably good connection to US.

Mission to become visible in Europe.

You must be interested for a good reason. We have 800 Silicon Valey companies partnering.

3 levels: derivative (existing groups), platform (research & business units interact), breakthrough

Ask 2 questions about idea:

  • does it help sell to customers, create new markets (is it baseline or new technology)

Look at 70% at breakthrough side, some 25% at the green side.

What we do

Advisory board (Jeffrey Ullman)

Software Engineering research.

Optimization and Supply Chain Research

Hardware design.

Data privacy.

Arun G Bahulkar: formal methods, tools, etc.

King's college London.

Stanford, MIT Sloan, Wisconsin, Maryland, Columbia, U Mass, Waterloo, UC Riverside

John Mitchell and team at Stanford, 5 year.

Sloan school similar 5 year.