Program of AVM / COST Meeting in Lugano

Monday, October 18, 2010

08:15 REGISTRATION in front of the conference hall

09:00 (15min) Viktor Kuncak: Welcome and Opening

09:00 (45min) Sumit Gulwani: Program Synthesis for Automating Education

10:00 (30min) BREAK

10:30 (30min) Jean-Francois Raskin: Compositional Algorithms for LTL Synthesis

11:00 (30min) Ashutosh Gupta: Constraint solving for branching counterexamples

11:30 (30min) Florian Lonsing: Practical Aspects of Dependency Schemes in QBF Solving

12:00 (120min) LUNCH (MC discussions may start)

14:00 (100min) MC Meeting for COST MC Members For the rest: informal demos, posters in front of the conference hall.

15:30 (30min) BREAK

16:00 (30min) Simone Fulvio Rollini: An Efficient and Flexible Approach to Resolution Proof Reduction

16:30 (30min) Andreas Holzer: Guided Whitebox Testing

17:00 (30min) Stefano Tonetta: Formal methods for requirements validation

17:30 (30min) Cesar Sanchez: Decision Procedures for Concurrent Skiplists

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

08:30 (30min) Larent Doyen: Energy Parity Games

09:00 (30min) Alessandro Cimatti: The NuSMV project: status and roadmap

09:30 (30min) Pavol Cerny: Algorithmic Verification of Single-Pass List Processing Programs

10:00 (30min) BREAK

10:30 (30min) Filip Konecny: Relational Analysis of Non-deterministic Integer Programs

11:00 (30min) Ruzica Piskac: Reasoning about Collections - Decision Procedures and Applications

11:30 (45min) Dirk Beyer: Adjustable-Block Encoding: Towards a Unified Framework for Software Verification

12:15 (105min) LUNCH at Canvetto Luganese, Via R. Simen 14b, 6900 Lugano

14:00 (30min) Sergio Mover: Compositional Reachability of Hybrid Systems

14:30 (30min) Hugo Herbelin: A short and constructive proof of Gödel's completeness theorem

15:00 (30min) BREAK

15:30 (30min) Predrag Janicic: DPLL-Based Theorem Prover for Coherent Logic

16:00 (30min) Alberto Griggio: A Practical Approach to SMT(LA(Z))


16:45 Stroll from the workshop location along the lake to the San Salvatore funicular

17:30 Funicular ride to the top of San Salvatore mountain (

17:45 Short hike (walk to the top of the mountain) for those who are interested, the rest can stay at the bar in the restaurant

19:00 Dinner

22:00 Funicular ride going down to Paradiso