Course Information for Compiler Construction (CS-320)



Practical and Theoretical Exercises:


  • Sebastian Gfeller
  • Cédric Lavanchy
  • Ersoy Bayramoglu

Secretary: Danielle Chamberlain


  • Mondays 10:15-12:00 - Lectures in INM 202
  • Wednesday 08:15-12:00 - Practical and theoretical exercises in INF3 and INM 202

Official Schedule in PDF

Academic Calendar


The deadlines for the various steps of the project are set on Moodle.

Homework exercises are due one week after they were given out (except for the first sheet, for which you have two weeks). Bring your solutions to the beginning of the following exercise session.

Collaboration Policy

You are encouraged to work in groups of 2 people on project

  • everyone should understand every part of code
  • we may ask you to explain specific parts of your solution

Do not copy solutions from other groups

  • we will use plagiarism detection tools
  • we may ask you to explain specific parts of your solution

Course Material

Official Textbook: Tiger book although we do not strictly follow it:

  • program in Scala instead of Java
  • use pattern matching instead of visitors
  • use hand-written parsers in the project (not parser generators)

Additional material will be provided on the wiki

  • no PPT,PDF slides
  • wiki is simple, non-proprietary, linked to WWW

Other useful texts:


The following courses of their equivalents are prerequisites for this course:

  • Discrete structures (CS-150)
  • Algorithms (CS-250)
  • Theoretical Computer Science (CS-251)

Not required but highly recommended are:

  • Advanced Theoretical Computer Science