ARM Architecture

A family of CPUs

From article on RISC architectures:

“The ARM architecture dominates the market for high performance, low power, low cost embedded systems (typically 100–500 MHz in 2008). ARM Ltd., which licenses intellectual property rather than manufacturing chips, reported 10 billion licensed chips shipped in early 2008 [7]. ARM is deployed in countless mobile devices such as:

  • Apple iPods (custom ARM7TDMI SoC)
  • Apple iPhone (Samsung ARM1176JZF)
  • Palm and PocketPC PDAs and smartphones (Marvell XScale family, Samsung SC32442 - ARM9)
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance (ARM7TDMI)
  • Nintendo DS (ARM7TDMI, ARM946E-S)
  • Sony Network Walkman (Sony in-house ARM based chip)
  • Some Nokia and Sony Ericsson mobile phones (often Symbian OS based devices).”

More information on ARM architecture

ARM_architecture#Jazelle allows executing JVM instructions in hardware

Independently of that, ARM is a modern RISC processor (simple, fast, power-efficient instructions)

ARM Reference Manual