The Action will disseminate its results through

  1. leading competitive scientific publication venues
  2. technical reports
  3. rapid communications on the online forum introduced by the Action
  4. Action web site
  5. courses taught by Action members
  6. public lectures by Action members
  7. yearly Action meetings, with selected and MC-approved representatives of industry or high-schools.

On the online forum, Action members will continuously and efficiently presents technical insights of the community. The forum will support stable citation and work attribution. It will be open to the public, but will be linked to the Action web site. The initial editorial board of the forum will be selected from Action members.

Linked to the online forum will be a reference collection of articles describing main theoretical results in automated reasoning, a form of online encyclopedia. We expect to initiate the encyclopedia during the Action by producing a critical mass of articles, then turn it into a community effort with high-quality knowledge from the field.

The Action web site itself will contain information on the scientific activities of the Action, including pointers to relevant information, standardized formats and benchmarks, descriptions of milestones reached, news from the automated reasoning community, and information for general public including press announcements.

Action members will incorporate the developed material into the courses they teach, facilitating the education of young investigators and helping the adoption of these techniques by the next generation of scientists and engineers.