Organization of the Action will follow the standard form of Rules of Procedure for Management Committee. The Action will be be coordinated by the management Committee (MC), presided by the chair. Scientific activities will be done through Work Groups.

To promote the participation of young researchers, the Action places maximal emphasis in terms of its resources on short-term scientific missions (STSMs) for PhD students. The MC appoints a STSMs coordinator and the specific guidelines for approval of STSMs by MC. To maximize the resources available for STSMs, the Action is expected to have exactly one meeting each year. Continuous communication will occur through STSMs and an organized online forum.

The Action will last for four years. Yearly Action meetings will include

  1. organizational meeting of the MC and
  2. technical presentations of all Work Groups

Technical presentations will include results from the coordinated research and the insights from short-term scientific missions. Yearly Action meeting will be organized in changing host countries. To foster the impact of the Action on the broader scientific community, each Action meeting will be collocated with a major conferences in the field.

In addition to the yearly meetings and short-term scientific missions, technical communication will also proceed through a new open online forum. The MC will appoint at least one Action member to ensure maintenance of the Action web site, and at least one member to ensure the maintenance and the persistence of the online forum.

Each Work Group will define its specific milestones during the first year and will summarize progress towards the milestones in yearly reports and MC meetings. A central activity of the Action is the Rich Model Language format. We expect a first draft of the format and a basic set of support tools to be available by the end of year two of the Action. We expect the integration of a number of specialized reasoning tools by the end of the Action.