The research topics of the Action are currently supported by over 15 independent national programs. Further ongoing efforts that are synergistic with the proposed activities include

  1. HATS (Highly Adaptable and Trustworthy Software using Formal Models)
  3. High Integrity Java
  4. GAMES ESF Research Networking Programme
  5. COST Action IC0701 on Formal Verification of Object-Oriented Software
  6. TYPES FP6 Project no. 51099
  7. FP6 STReP Prosyd project
  8. FP7 STReP COCONUT project
  9. AVANTSSAR FP7 project
  10. ARTIST2/ARTIST Design FP6/FP7 Network of Excellence

A relevant world-wide initiative compatible with a fraction of the Action goals is the Verifying Compiler Grand Challenge for Computing Research. Even more relevant are past EU projects on integration of reasoning techniques that include the PROSPER toolkit, funded under the ESPRIT program. Related activities in the United States include the integration of formal method tools in the SRI Computer Science Laboratory (for example, the Evidential Tool Bus proposal), and the Bandera tool set at the Kansas State University.

The activities listed above are a source of particular classes of models and specialized algorithms. This Action will include and collaborate with researchers involved in these activities. However, no prior activity by itself proposed such a general notion of Rich Models and aimed at unifying such a broad set of automated reasoning techniques.