The Amy Reference Compiler

We provide you with a reference compiler for the Amy language that you can use to explore the expected behavior of your own compiler.

The reference compiler is available here.

You can run it as follows:

java -cp amyc_2.12-1.6.jar amyc.Main [options] [input files]

To see the list of available options do

java -cp amyc_2.12-1.6.jar amyc.Main --help

The easiest way to execute a program is to run it in --interpret mode. If you want to generate WebAssembly binary code, you should follow these steps:

  • Install nodejs. In Linux, you can use a package manager as described here. For other operating systems, you can find installers here.
  • Make sure the wat2wasm executable is visible, i.e. it is in the system path or, for Linux or Mac, you are at the toplevel of the amyc directory (we don't have a compiled version for Windows yet, so you would have to download and compile it yourself for now)
  • Run npm install deasync at the directory you plan to run amyc
  • Run amyc without options. You will get a few output files.
  • Run nodejs <output file>.js

Bug Reports

We welcome bug reports! Please use the forum on Moodle for this purpose.