Labs 02

For this week, you have two tasks.

End of Previous Lab

Finish the tasks of Labs 01. Please send an email to Philippe Suter at the latest on Oct. 4th with the names of the members of your team. If you want to make a team of less or more than two, please contact Viktor Kuncak or Philippe Suter in advance.

Submit your Intepreter.scala and TreeSimplifier.scala in a zip file through Moodle (one per group is enough) before Tuesday, Oct. 5th, 11.55pm (23h55). Do not submit any other file, as your interpreter needs to work with the other provided files.

Introduction to the Tool Compiler Project

Familiarize yourself with the Tool Programming Language and the Tool Compiler Project. Write two example Tool programs each (4 per group of 2) and make sure you can compile them using the Tool Reference Compiler. Please be creative when writing your programs. We don't need 5 versions of a program computing the Fibonacci sequence. The examples at the end of the Tool page should convince you that you can write interesting programs.

Remember that you will use these programs in the remaining of the semester to test your compiler, so don't make them too trivial!

Submit your programs in a zip file though Moodle before Tuesday, Oct. 5th, 11.55pm (23h55).