Lab for Automated Reasoning and Analysis LARA

Labs Setup

Step 1) Registration

You need to register your group on the SAV 2013 web interface. Labs can be done alone or in pairs. We will not accept groups of more than 2 persons.

Go the the following url to create your groups:

Once you create a group, we will create for you a git repository that contains files necessary for the labs. We recommend that you use a command-line interface to git.

Step 2) Creating a Public/Private SSH Key Pair

Authentication to the git repository works by using a SSH key. If you do not already have a private/public key combination for your computer, follow these instructions. Note that you typically generate one key pair per computer that you use.

From the Command Line

  1. Type ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048
  2. Type enter to save it in the default location.
  3. Choose a passphrase, or type enter to ignore it.
  4. Your public key is now stored in a file (typically, in ~/.ssh/ You will need to copy-paste the content of this file into our webservice.
  5. If you use an ssh agent, you will need to add the generated private key using ssh-add.

Step 3) Accessing Your Repository

You can clone your repository using:

  git clone

where XX is your group number.

Note: if git asks you for your password (as opposed to your passphrase, if any), it means your SSH key is not configured properly. Make sure you uploaded and saved the key on the web interface.

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