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 The following references might be helpful: The following references might be helpful:
   * [[http://​​catalog/​item/​default.asp?​ttype=2&​tid=8574|Handbook of Automated Reasoning]] (only the first 1900 pages)   * [[http://​​catalog/​item/​default.asp?​ttype=2&​tid=8574|Handbook of Automated Reasoning]] (only the first 1900 pages)
-  * [[http://​​citation.cfm?​id=606318.606321|The design and implementation of VAMPIRE]]+  * [[http://​​citation.cfm?​id=606318.606321|The design and implementation of VAMPIRE]] ​(and [[http://​​|]])
   * [[http://​​|SPASS]]   * [[http://​​|SPASS]]
   * [[http://​​560030.html|E:​ A Braniac Theorem Prover]]   * [[http://​​560030.html|E:​ A Braniac Theorem Prover]]
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