Labs: Final Report

Your final report is due in early January. The code of your extended compiler is due at the same time, and both will be delivered using Git.

Contents of the Report

You are encouraged to use the following (LaTeX) template for your report:

A PDF version of the template with the required section is available here:

Although you are not required to use this template, your report must contain at least the sections described in it with the appropriate information. Note that writing this report will take some time and that you should not do it at the last minute. This final report is an important part of the compiler project. If you have questions about the template or the contents of the report, make sure you ask them early.

A common question is “how long should the report be?”. There's no definitive answer to that. Considering that the report will contain code examples and a fairly precise description of implementation, it should probably be at least 3 pages. Less would be suspicious. 6 pages is fine. We will not complain for up to 10 pages if the content is meaningful, but extra pages by themselves do not make a report better, so please use as much as you need.