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Boolean Algebra of Shape Analysis Constraints

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The parametric shape analysis framework of Sagiv, Reps, and Wilhelm [45, 46] uses three-valued structures as dataflow lattice elements to represent sets of states at different program points. The recent work of Yorsh, Reps, Sagiv, Wilhelm [48, 50] introduces a family of formulas in (classical, two-valued) logic that are isomorphic to three-valued structures [46] and represent the same sets of concrete states. In this paper we introduce a larger syntactic class of formulas that has the same expressive power as the formulas in [48]. The formulas in [48] can be viewed as a normal form of the formulas in our syntactic class; we give an algorithm for transforming our formulas to this normal form. Our formulas make it obvious that the constraints are closed under all boolean operations and therefore form a boolean algebra. Our algorithm also gives a reduction of the entailment and the equivalence problems for these constraints to the satisfiability problem.


Viktor Kuncak and Martin Rinard. Boolean algebra of shape analysis constraints. In Verification, Model Checking and Abstract Interpretation, volume 2937 of LNCS, 2004.

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