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Roles are really great!

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We present a new role system for specifying changing referencing relationships of heap objects. The role of an object depends, in large part, on its aliasing relationships with other objects, with the role of each object changing as its aliasing relationships change. Roles therefore capture important object and data structure properties and provide useful information about how the actions of the program interact with these properties. Our role system enables the programmer to specify the legal aliasing relationships that define the set of roles that objects may play, the roles of procedure parameters and object fields, and the role changes that procedures perform while manipulating objects. We present an interprocedural, compositional, and context-sensitive role analysis algorithm that verifies that a program respects the role constraints.


Viktor Kuncak, Patrick Lam, and Martin Rinard. Roles are really great! Technical Report 822, MIT LCS, 2001.

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