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Accelerating Interpolants

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We present Counterexample-Guided Accelerated Abstraction Refinement (CEGAAR), a new algorithm for verifying infinite-state transition systems. CEGAAR combines interpolation-based predicate discovery in counterexample-guided predicate abstraction with acceleration technique for computing the transitive closure of loops. CEGAAR applies acceleration to dynamically discovered looping patterns in the unfolding of the transition system, and combines overapproximation with underapproximation. It constructs inductive invariants that rule out an infinite family of spurious counterexamples, alleviating the problem of divergence in predicate abstraction without losing its adaptive nature. We present theoretical and experimental justification for the effectiveness of CEGAAR, showing that inductive interpolants can be computed from classical Craig interpolants and transitive closures of loops. We present an implementation of CEGAAR that verifies integer transition systems. We show that the resulting implementation robustly handles a number of difficult transition systems that cannot be handled using interpolation-based predicate abstraction or acceleration alone.


Hossein Hojjat, Radu Iosif, Filip Konecny, Viktor Kuncak, and Philipp Rümmer. Accelerating interpolants. In Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis (ATVA), 2012.

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