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Certifying Solutions for Numerical Constraints

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A large portion of software is used for numerical computation in mathematics, physics and engineering. Among the aspects that make verification in this domain difficult is the need to quantify numerical errors, such as roundoff errors and errors due to the use of approximate numerical methods. Much of numerical software uses self-stabilizing iterative algorithms, for example, to find solutions of nonlinear equations. To support such algorithms, we present a runtime verification technique that checks, given a nonlinear equation and a tentative solution, whether this value is indeed a solution to within a specified precision. Our technique combines runtime verification approaches with information about the analytical equation being solved. It is independent of the algorithm used for finding the solution and is therefore applicable to a wide range of problems. We have implemented our technique for the Scala programming language using our affine arithmetic library and the macro facility of Scala 2.10.


Eva Darulova and Viktor Kuncak. Certifying solutions for numerical constraints. In Runtime Verification (RV), 2012.

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