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 +======Our publications ======
 +//Note: you can search for LARA publications on [[http://​​c=Infoscience%2FResearch%2FIC%2FLARA&​as=0&​ln=en|Infoscience]] ​
 <php> <php>
 include '​http://​​curator/​publications/​exporter/​1586/';​ include '​http://​​curator/​publications/​exporter/​1586/';​
 </​php>​ </​php>​
 +See also Master'​s theses:
 +  * Remi Bonnet: [[https://​​record/​148637|Well-structured Petri Nets extensions with data]]
 +  * Mikaël Mayer: [[mikael_msc:​top|Complete Program Synthesis for Linear Arithmetic]]
 +  * Ersoy Bayramoglu: [[http://​​record/​141558|Programming with Undo]]
 +  * Sebastian Gfeller: [[http://​​record/​139555|Robust Dynamically Deployed Static Analysis for Java]]
 +  * Mirco Dotta: [[http://​​record/​135961|State Exploration of Scala Actor Programs]]
 +  * Philippe Suter: [[http://​​record/​126445|Non-Clausal Satisfiability Modulo Theories]]
 +  * Gizil Oguz: [[http://​​record/​126292|Decision Tree Learning for Drools]]