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Scala Verification Day: 15 June 2010

Location: INR 113

Meeting of the following three research groups:

with selected talks open to public.

Opening talks:

  • 10:15 Viktor Kuncak: overview
  • 11:00 Peter Mueller: overview
  • 11:45 Martin Odersky: Interactive Q&A Session
  • 12:30 LUNCH

Possible talks for the afternoon (15-30min):

  • Ioannis Kassios
  • Funcheck and z3 integration - Progress Report (Philippe Suter)
  • Plans for effect system (Lukas Rytz)
  • Non-Null Types (Hubert Plociniczak)
  • Type annotations and data-flow analysis in Scala (Eva Darulova and Aleksandar Prokopec)

Discussion topics

  • intermediate languages, architecture, project collaboration
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