Lab for Automated Reasoning and Analysis LARA

Computer Language Processing

CS-320, Edition 2017

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Instructor Viktor Kunčak
PhD Assistants Manos Koukoutos and Georg S. Schmid
MSc Assistants Quentin Laville and Valentin Moullet
Secretary Sylvie Jankow


  • 50% Projects
  • 50% Quiz

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Week 01, September 18

Please note the unusual schedule the first week. The second week schedule is more typical.

Monday 10:15am NO CLASSES
Wednesday 8:15am INF213 Lecture: Introduction
Wednesday 10:15am INF213 Labs 01 (always bring own laptops)

You may also wish to check the Gobble Gook video, which relates the subtle difference between compilers and interpreters to the familiar everyday situation of landing on an alien planet.

Week 02, September 25

Monday 10:15am CE1103 Lecture: Regular Languages
Wednesday 8:15am INF213 Labs
Wednesday 10:15am INF213 Exercises

Last year's edition: 2016

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