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Parallelism and Concurrency - EPFL Course, Spring 2016

CS 206 - Spring Semester, 2nd year undergraduate course

Course Book Description

Main reading material: Learning Concurrent Programming in Scala

IMPORTANT: Grading Interface for Concurrency Assignments

IMPORTANT: Coursera Email Information

Parts of this course will run through Coursera,

Students taking this course are requested to provide their Coursera account email by filling up this google form. Note that Coursera requires you to only have one account.

Please note that, when using Coursera, you can choose “I don't want to verify” and “Continue without verification” and you will receive assignment submission tokens that have no time limits, which will simplify the use of the system for this course.


There are three main parts of the course:

In any case, there will be programming assignments that you will be submitting online.



Continuous control. Components of the grade include:

Assignment Deadlines

Assignment Due Dates:

Course Calendar

Course Calendar Available from this Link

Course Material

Part I: Parallel Programming

Week 01, Wednesday 24 February 2016

Combined PDF Slides for Week 1

Week 02, Wednesday 2 March 2016


Week 03, Wednesday 9 March 2016

Week 04, Wednesday 16 March 2016

Week 05, Wednesday 23 March 2016

Wednesday 30 March - NO CLASSES

Part II: Concurrent Programming

Week 06, Wednesday 6 April 2016

Week 07, Wednesday 13 April 2016

Week 08, Wednesday 20 April 2016

Slides on implementing futures

Week 09, Wednesday 27 April 2016

Week 10, Wednesday 4 May 2016

Part III: Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark

Week 11, Wednesday 11 May 2016

Week 12, Wednesday 18 May 2016

Week 13, Wednesday 25 May 2016

Week 14, Wednesday 1 June 2016